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Interested in working with me? Hire me! You can hire me by buying my any of my gig on Fiverr, or you can contact me by Email me, or contact me on any of my social media profile(Instagram and Facebook preferred for faster response).

Frequently Asked Questions

As mentioned in my About page, I’m a cyber security analyst, web developer, network analyst and an intermediate system administrator. Apart from website security, server security, CDN and few other similar things, you can contact me about your project and we can talk about it.

From my past experiences I have in the Information Technology and Computer Science industry, you can trust me with the level of dedication I would put into your project in order to complete it nicely and with perfection.

About charging, it depends and varies on the projects I have been assigned.

Freeship is a category of project I would work at no cost(excluding primary costs of server, domain and other obvious things). I wouldn’t charge anything for the work I would do. To know more about freeship, please visit the page.

As of today May 9 2019, I’m 16 years old.

There are projects which I do not work on due to personal and religious reasons. This includes Adult Content, Racist, targeting a specific religion/cast/group/race/gender, gender biased network/website, anti-Islamic website/network/page, supremacy of a specific group/category biased websites, carding, fraud and etc. To know more, contact me on my email at

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