Here is the list of all projects that I’ve been working on, and have worked on previously. Some links may not be active as I have abandoned them. But still, there ya go 😉

Project List 2015-present

    1. – ShadowCrypt is a cyber intelligence and online hacking tools website. With no registrations required, and the site being completely free of cost, it is one of the most helpful websites a developer could find. This website was originally made by me. In early May 2020, my friend Somil Gumber joined me to update the website to its 3rd version. The biggest update on the website. This included a whole new user-interface, faster response time, JQuery based form submission to process requests faster, an opportunity for people to advertise and etc. This website is active and is updated regularly for any bugs.
    2. – Originally named ShortBytes, TSP was initially a new reporting website in the technological world inspired by FossBytes. However, due to limited reach in the technical world back then, the website went through multiple major revisions. The name for the website was changed in September 2018. Due to some personal issues, I had to halt the website along with a few other projects I have worked on.
    3. cron/MayAI – MayAI was a Discord bot project that I and my friend Somil made it in late May 2020. The bot is/was capable of converting Bitcoin into USD, greet in voice channel, decrypt MD5 hash by running the string throughout billions of string via API, and a few more stuff.

My Goals

Like others, my goal is to be successful. But I have my own way to be successful. My goal, my success and my goal is satisfaction and smile on faces I have worked for/with/under me. For example, if you’re my client and have handed me a project. My goal would be to do the best to handle up the project and complete it with full dedication so there wouldn’t be a single chance for you to be disappointed.

Other than that, my goal is to establish a network, helping out people in need of ethical and morale work. As an example, I would work for free for a charity NGO who are trying to launch their website or any other similar network of my help. To know more about freeship, please visit the page.

My goal is the service I would provide to you. The better you find my service to be, the more I feel that I complete my goal. I won’t give up until I figure out the work. So rest is assured 🙂