Proven Way To Survive Depression During Hard Times

Depression has been a major issue within our society which has been the leading cause of the reduction in productivity during work hours. Depression can kill you very often, or you can say, daily. Not physically, but mentally. In this article, we are going to learn how to survive depression during hard times.

Before we begin, let’s first recall what actually depression is and what are the possible reasons you or someone you know might be suffering through this. So let’s begin.

What Is Depression?

Survive Depression

Depression is a mental state where a person feels sadness very often. It is mostly found that depression is caused because of the rejection of the proposal to a loved one, death of a close one, misbalance between professional and personal life, economic breakdown and etc. It can cause disinterest in one’s work and duty, often sadness for no reason and etc.

Depression, in the 21st century, is mostly found in teens aged between 14-19 age group. This is the age group when adolescents begin.

How Can One Know If He Is Depressed Or Just Too Sensitive Enough To Be Sad Very Often?

Depression can be identified by inspecting people’s behavior towards their task and how they perform. However, there are some cases where we misunderstand a sensitive person as depressed. It is quite rare when a sensitive person is NOT depressed because they’re too cautious about their environmental happenings.

However, there are many cases where a sensitive person is depressed but it is quite hard to find if they’re depressed or just have the trait of being an introvert. Yes, Introversion can be misunderstood as depression. This is because a person with Introversion tends to have an interest in spending time alone where a person with depression wants to live alone too.

How Did I Fight Depression?

Did I just say ‘I’? Well, yes. I fought severe depression in my past which has caused me to be suicidal. By the grace of Almighty God, I’m safe from doing an ultimate sin. However, let me be damn honest. Yes, to this date I’m fighting against depression.

Work Harder

It is not even 3 months back when I had the biggest panic attack where I was at the most critical level of depression that I couldn’t even hold my tears. I too was confused why did this even happen? Then I later found that my sensitivity has been making me depressed which ultimately triggered the most crucial depression of my life. I literally don’t have any valid relatable reason to justify my panic attack. I realized that it was just because of my imbalanced diet. When I was depressed, my throat was so dry that I had feelings to drink a glass of water. I went to the kitchen, got some dates for myself and drank a big glass of water and I felt so relaxed… I can’t define. Like in those next 5 minutes after having dates and drinking water, I was all okay.

But how did this happen? Well, it was when I was actually getting mentally wounded again and again because of my sensitivity causing depression. But that didn’t stop there, I fought depression and I am still fighting depression and if it comes again, I will keep fighting. This is how I motivate myself. I’m not a human, I’m a warrior! And if you are fighting against depression, you’re a warrior too!

How Did I Over Come Depression?

Back in the year 2017 when it was the most crucial period of my life when I literally did many wrong things in my life which caused me to be depressed. It was the period when I was triggered the most for every single wrong decision I made. Although I learned a lot from that phase and I’m still improving.

I wrote a whole article about my story of the struggle of how I overcame my ‘darkest phase’ of life. But during the past seven days, I have found some effective way which has almost stopped me from being depressed for no reason! Yes, it worked well. It was although just a theory for me but I proved it to myself and I’m now not depressed(at least for now).

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I worked hard. Yes, I worked hard. I always had a bigger dream of becoming ‘top’ in my field and have my name in the ‘biggest’ category at the global level. To do this, it is obvious that I have to do a lot of hard work. That is what I’m doing. I have been working on my projects, sites, I play games and I try to genuinely distract myself. This has often been proven to be progressive for me at my professional level and being less depressed.

Working Hard In Solitude

But here is a slight catch, I survive depression by doing work I like. Not doing something that isn’t in my interest category. If you do something that doesn’t interest you, it would surely not give you any personal satisfaction and without that, tackling depression is almost impossible. This is what we call as moving on in life.

Does This Have Any Con?

With every pro, there has to be a con. If you overwork, you might often not get time for your health or for your personal life. Doing something that distracts you must be productive and at a professional level to make it most effective towards your mental stability.

To survive depression, this way has been flawlessly been effective to me and has been proven to increase my personal satisfaction that I am improving at my professional level.

How Do I Do This?

Make a plan, a perfect and flawless plan on which you can start working on if you haven’t started yet. Like if you want to become businessmen, you should learn entrepreneurship and be an expert in it. If you want to become a pilot, you must have a piece of good knowledge of aviation.

Be Hungry!

Start researching, learn to live in solitude and do more than the best you can. Don’t get tired that easily, work hard and at the end of the day, just before you go to sleep, have a smile on your face that you improved. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t made any progress, but the best part is that you have begun.

Next day when you wake up, if you’re depressed, survive depression for the first by having anger within your self and then begin the day with the fire in your eyes. Be hungry for the success you have dreamt for! If you don’t have any dream yet, find one! Find what interests you and work on it and be successful! Even if you have to change your decision next time, you won’t regret to do it as you’ve learned a lot! Be hungry for the experience and be thankful for what you have. Thrive for more, work hard for it and show who you are!

How Am I So Motivated?

My biggest source of motivation is my best friend, Joey. Yes, I do have a best friend. We, however, don’t talk a lot nowadays but her greatest contribution to my life has been my goal. She made me realize my self-worth. For those who don’t know, a few months back I was Manal who is sociophobic to post his photo anywhere on the Internet and if he does, he would delete it within a day or max a week. But my best friend made me realize my value and for the first time, I had my photo on my Instagram account for quite a long period after my ‘darkest phase’.

guy sitting on his computer

For those who don’t have any motivation for themselves, don’t be anxious. I do get anxious if she is leaving me or what and this is because of my sensitivity which is another reason for my depression nowadays. I survive depression by working hard and if that is not enough to motivate me, I would go for my motivating channel, that is, Team Fearless. This is not the first time I’m mentioning them in my posts. They were and is my greatest motivational source who taught me to convert my sadness, my depression into the flame of anger, to hunger for success, to revenge against those who left me by being successful and indirectly making them regret to leave me by becoming more successful than them.


So here we finally come to the conclusion of this big article. I know it’s not well framed and well written because it’s been quite a while that I wrote a blog. I hope I will continue writing more often in the future about my thoughts. To be honest, this is more like a way for me to share my story with a few visitors. And the only subscriber, my best friend. My main motive is to motivate my dear users and provide them with a clear idea of the topic on which I am talking. Thanks to my best friend Joey to keep me motivated enough to work hard on my success and my goals and dreams. Thanks to Team Fearless for providing the content to keep me motivated during my darkest phase and so of today. My greatest thanks belong to the Almighty Allah to help me out by letting me have hope that I still have someone around me, watching me in hard times, motivating me spiritually. This is how I kill my loneliness because I know there is power around me. And this power is the Almighty.

That’s all for now 😉 Thank you for reading. And if you think I have got any improvements to make in this article, then please comment down. This will help me fix my article for both you and my few audiences. Once again, thank you.

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