The Love Story Of The Strange Guardian (Based on True Story)

Hey guys! Unlike other and regular articles, today I am gonna write up a story. This story is based on a true incident that happened a few years back. The story of a strange guardian. Please note that all the names that are used in the paragraphs are fictional and does not indicate any cast,culture,religion or belief.

So let the story begin…

About three to four years back, there was a boy whose name was Karim. Karim was fifteen years old when he fell in love with his neighbor girl who was just 10 years old named Inshu. Knowing she was so young, he decided to be friendly with Inshu. Time went well and everything was going fine and good. Inshu use to share all her secrets and daily stories with Karim. More then she shares with her parents.

Inshu was quite good and charming girl who always smiled and also seemed to enjoy her life and everything was going well. Time went on and Inshu turned 11 years old and Karim as 16. One day, Inshu approached to Karim and wanted to tell him something. Karim expected that to be a proposal and was so happy. Every-time Inshu tried to approach Karim, she turned back and changed the topic because she was not confident to tell her. Months passed and Inshu’s will to tell Karim was increased. One day, she said “I will tell him whatever” happened. She asked Karim to come to garden. Karim was so happy when he got to know that Inshu asked her to come to garden in early morning at 7 am. He thought Inshu is going to propose him.

What happened in the garden?

When they both met in garden and what Inshu told to Karim was totally shocking. It was not what Karim expected to be said. Inshu said “Your young brother Harris is molesting me all the time and in school, he talk bad about me. I didn’t tell to my parents because if I do, they will not let me talk to you, Karim.” Karim was totally shocked that the thing he was expecting was totally different. But he didn’t loose his courage because he was happy and said “Atleast she considers me as her guardian.”

Karim went to his brother and confronted his brother Harris(who was 13 years old) in a cold voice. Time went on and Inshu approached to Karim for thanking him. “Thank you so much Karim, I can’t tell you how much relief I got.” Both Inshu and Karim were satisfied and when they grew up. Karim got a job, he started earning well and became a successful man. Both of them got married and lived a peaceful and happy life.

The End

Alright guys, this is my first attempt to write a story. This time, I will leave it without moral because I don’t think so that it really needs. If you think you have got a good moral that suits the story, comment down! I will credit your name beside moral 🙂 .

The whole credit of the story goes to the the guy who posted this story on Quora. If you’re the one reading it, I thank you very much. And yes, its his own real incident in life and “Karim” is the one and only the ‘Anonymous’. Wait… The name of that anonymous guy isn’t Karim. It’s just fictional name. His real name is hidden on his consent and I myself don’t know about it. Thank you 🙂

Also to my dear readers. If you want to tell this story to your loved once or whosoever, you can do that. To make this story interesting, you can tell it slowly. You can add your own points but make sure the “peace and happiness” concept doesn’t change from the story. Thank you once again for reading! I will post more of such simple, short and peaceful story soon!

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