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Do you own a business? You must surely be in search of finding out new ways to boost your business’s sale. Oh wait there, you must’ve heard about the Internet, right? Oh, sorry. I am such a stupid. You are using the Internet to read this article. So you are using the Internet, you must surely be knowing about its potential. Then surely, your business should go online to reach the real customers around the globe who is in need of the service or product you provide. But there must a medium between the exchange of information, right? It should be a website. Let’s make a website… But how? How do I make a website? Where do I store my website data? Will that is fast? Will my data be secured? Let’s see what Shadow Hosting has got to provide.

Shadow Hosting | Introduction

Shadow Hosting

Shadow Hosting International is an Indian web hosting service launched in the month of March in year 2018. Earlier, it was known as Hostingee International until it was shut down and Shadow Networks came up. Shadow Hosting is a child company of Shadow Networks International. With the most affordable plans for small scale startups to a corporate level, Shadow Hosting has got everything your business would need.

Earlier, as a Hostingee International, it used to provide free game server hosting. Later, the company went down and this company came up.

Before we begin, let’s see what is better and what is not.

For going online, of course, you would need a website for betterment of visibility of your business to the Internet. Billions of searches are made every day on Google. Maybe some of those are related to your content? Yes, that’s a very large volume of potential visitors you may have been missing for your business. For sure, you must get your business online to boost your sales. We’ll cover how to boost sales online on another topic. The main thing you would require to be successful is a website. It may look easy for you to get your website ready if you’re a web developer or a tech-savvy. But what if you are not? It would be very costly for you to rent a server to host your website on. Wait there! You seriously don’t need a server if you’re a startup, or even a corporate level company if you are not in a “Deep IT Sector” company. You can buy a web hosting online and renew it monthly to maintain the consistency of your website.

What would I need to run a perfect website?


Yes, you are right. You need to choose a perfect and affordable web hosting that matches and surpasses your website’s need. Here comes the Shadow Hosting. You can choose it without any hesitation. You can get everything you need at the most affordable prices. Check out the features of the plan and choose what you need.

Plans Of Shadow Hosting International


Silver Plan


Golden Plan


Platinum Plan

You can see how affordable it is. With just two dollars and a half-cent, you can run your startup website. If you own a blog or any online tool website that has 3k to 5k per day visitors base, then you should go for the second plan(Golden) which has 50 GB. If you own a gaming website, or an online tool, or a big e-commerce website that has dozens of thousand visitors per day, you should go for Platinum where you can host 3 websites in a single purchase within your control panel.

Shadow Hosting has their server hosted in Nashik, a district of Maharashtra in India. You can even check the Network Status or Uptime Bot stat on its official website’s navigation bar.

Not only you can host your website there, but you can own a custom Email. What is a custom email? Well, you all must be having one or more than one email addresses active for both personal and business purpose. Those emails are mostly under Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail Email services. Why not your own? Hey! It’s possible. You can get your own email as “”. Yes, “” would be replaced with your website URL.

I want an email, but I don’t want to move my platform.

Uhmm, Not a problem! You can still use your custom email without changing your platform. For a custom email, you must go to your website control panel and check out for new emails every day. Lazy? Not a problem. You can forward all the incoming emails from your custom email to your Gmail email address. For example, if you receive an email on “” which is your custom email, the same Email message would be sent to “” which is your private email. With this method, you can receive your business email without disclosing your real one.

I am tired of the poor website platform. Will I get a better load time for my website on Shadow Hosting platform?

Not good, neither better but the Best! You will get the best load time for your website because our platform consists of highly optimized load balancers which handle your website’s load and distribute the load to one of many servers situated at our data-center. This assures the best performance for your website which goes running without any lag.

What if I need help regarding any of my query or website-related problems?

You can contact Live Chat of Shadow Hosting anytime. If you do not get a reply within 4-5 minutes of reply, you can simply drop your email address in our chat widget so that whenever we see your message, we can contact you directly and immediately and respond to your query.

There is an alternative method, you can open a support ticket which assures you the reply to your query within 12 hours after the ticket has been submitted.


With the best and assured web hosting services, you can get your work done without any problem. I will post a tutorial on how to make a website soon. You can click on the hyperlink of “How to make a website” which will redirect you to the SRP(search result page) of my website. Whenever I post, you will be able to see directly.
Thank you for reading my article. Have a great day ahead.

Shadow Hosting | Affordable Web Hosting in India

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