How To Setup An Online Hosting Business In Cheap Budget

Hello folks, I am back with another article on “Earning Online”. This time, it is gonna be business thing! If you are free all the day on computer then I have got you a good opportunity to earn online! Yea, setting up an hosting business is quite hard then you think but if you put up your effort and little money in it, you can definitely earn profits!

What are the advantages and disadvantages in this online hosting business?

Yes, in this business too, there are some advantages and disadvantages of online hosting business. The advantage is that you would be able to earn a good profit if managed properly and disadvantage is, if you do not promote actively then you won’t get clients hence no money.

Choosing proper reseller hosting which can be the best and fit your budget.

I know this looks strange, but from personal method, I would recommend you to buy a reseller hosting rather then a server because it will cost you alot. During initial stages, if you invest a little then you’ll have some money left out of your budget so that you can promote with that budget later. I have got to list 3 top reseller hosting that’ll fit you for your business.

  1. BuyShared(Aka FranTech)
  2. Host Ripples India
  3. Namecheap Reseller

The above are some of the best reseller hosting. I am planning to buy Host Ripples in upcoming business plan once I get my financial condition stable.

The server gives you full access, why not to get server instead of reseller?

Yes, you’re right at this point but the maintenance of the server, the uptime monitoring, sales management and other things all at same time can be time consuming. Yes, you can buy server if you have a lot of employees, tech guys in your office, if you own a corporate company.

What about the billing system?

As of now, the best billing system I would suggest you with cPanel & WHM Hosting is WHMCS. The reason why it is the best is the system integration. If you buy the cPanel and WHM reseller hosting, you’ll get options to integrate your billing system with your reseller portal.

All these stuff looks too much technical and goes beyond my head.

I know, if you’re new to these things. You won’t understand it. I have a solution for that too, you can buy my service online on Fiverr @manalshaikh019 and I will setup the company for you for just 40$(i.e 2,695 Rupees).

It seems to be costly, any basic budget example?

Yes, it looks costly for the first time because all these things will cost you around 100$ for the first time. Let’s list down the budget

  • 12$ for (.com) domain name.(for 1 year)
  • 16$ for WHMCS billing system license(per month)
  • 10$ for reseller hosting(from FranTech/Buyshared)(per month)
  • For setting up the web hosting(40$/one time)
  • 30$ atleast for advertisement(per month)

And if we plus 12$+16$+10$+40$ then it equals to 78$ which is 5,260 Rupees for the very first time. And then for the next month, it will cost you 16$+10$=26$ which equals to 1800 rupees.

But these are just budgets, we have to advertise it too! Let’s not over burden yourself for first time and do it for next month for advertisement on Google Adwords as 30$/month which equals to 56$ and it is 3780 rupees per month. If we do it all together which pausing/skipping any budget, we’ll start getting clients from 2nd month of launch because for the first month, we’ve to get known to peoples about out company.

What about the web hosting price I should give on my website?

You can contact me on Fiverr regarding this sales management. I will have to know the budget you’ve spent and according to that, I will tell you the attractive price for getting more clients. My sales per product may get you in a loss for first 2 months but atleast you’ll get clients and eventually from 3rd or 4th month, you’ll start covering up your expense and you will get profit out of sales of web hosting.

Thank you so much for explanation, conclusion?

I hope you’ve understood the settlement of a webhosting business. I know the budgeting for the first 3 months wouldn’t get you profit because for every online business, you’ve to first get recognized to the Internet. If you’ve got any more questions regarding this topic, you can mail me at my email or message me on my Fiverr profile @manalshaikh019.

That’s all for now! If you want to contact me on Fiverr, you can click any of the text mentioned with “fiverr” word because I’ve set it with hyperlink or you can go to my homepage and search out for Fiverr profile option! Thank you for reading out! If you’ve got any suggestion or question, you can email me or comment down in the comment section below! Have a great day ahead!


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