Is “Self Harm” An Addiction? How Can One Get Rid Of It?

Self Harm? What actually is it? Is it jumping off a building? Or allowing someone to hurt you? Well, in this article, we’re gonna cover up some topics on self harm, how serious can it be and how can one get rid of the addiction.

Self harming has been now considered as a trend within teenagers which has caused a drastically drop in their concentration. This scenario takes place due to a trend or someone being depressed. I personally, has experienced this issue and I don’t know how I recovered it. But still, I have got some tips that can atleast reduce self harm at some extent or may end it soon.

Why & How Did I Start Self Harm?

Self Harm story

Well, It was all started when I was in ninth grade. Almost at the end of the year, peoples would use to cut their hands. Either for their crush, or for their ex girlfriend/boyfriends. This trend seriously made me laugh until it turned out to be a challenge for me. It was now something that I too had to do to not be a looser or a nerd. I had to prove them. But things went serious. How? Well, everyone made small cut line on their hand with little blood flow for few seconds. But yea? I was not a looser, right? I took off the blade, on the first day I was scared, but I did it. Not too harsh for blood, but little red marks. What did I do? I just wrote my crush’s name! Another day, I bought a pencil sharpener, took out the blade, made whole and first deep cut on my left should side. A little pain and it was all gone until I began enjoying the moment. I don’t know how, but it felt like the same when a drug addict embraces his relaxation after intoxicants. It just made me feel the same way.

How Can This Be An Addiction?

I wrote whole five letter name of my crush on my had and I later regretted it when she got to know. I seriously felt bad for what I did and till now, I regret. A lot happened but I should better not go very deep and off topic. It was all fine until I found out that I was addicted. What actually was the reason? Well, it was “attention”. I got alot of attention when I made cuts but when I stopped, I didn’t got any! This harming of myself didn’t made me addict more then “attention” did. I restarted making cuts till the end of my tenth grade – when I finally had to leave my school. Yes, that’s the reason why I hate my school life.

How Did I Overcome Self Harming?

The only way to overcome this addiction is to stop my need for attention. Yes, everyone needs attention right? But I am not stupid this time to get attention by doing stupid things. I thought of myself, what if I die making cuts? What would they call me? Coward? Attention seeker? No one would like to be called with these names. Neither do I. It was not enough for me. I decided to watch motivational videos but couldn’t find too “motivational” for me to end this addiction until I found out Team Fearless’s Lone Wolf video. The video taught me how to be alone, how to be a wolf chasing success all alone.

What Are The Other Mediums of Motivation I Got?

Only the digital motivation. I felt soo depressed that whenever I tried to talk to someone and incase if they ignore me, ANXIETY! It makes me feel that I don’t value anymore for that person. I use to pass my free time in watching motivational videos,reading motivational quotes and from then, I decided to NOT GIVE UP! Many ups and downs came in, but I didn’t give up.

Did I Get What I Wanted By Doing Self Harm?

Relief? Yes, I got to feel the relief after making cuts. Just like you come out after bathing and you feel the hot air as a cool breeze for the next 5 minutes. Same here. I felt relaxed for 5-10 minutes after cutting, and regret. My whole life was filled with regret.  I wanted attention, but I got regret. Today too I feel to cut my hands, but nah. I am not an attention seeker anymore. Well, I would seek attention still. But not by making cuts, but by showing off my success to those who left me during depression(Yes, a long private story I may soon release.).

Finally, at the end, I would say that I am not expert in overcoming depression and self harm. But I have read article regarding the same and I think the most simplest steps of overcoming this depression can be found over WikiHow. How to stop self harm – with pics.


This article might create issues because I almost disclosed the dark side of my life. But I don’t care since I made this article for helping those who are suffering from self harm issue. Long back in the month of May, I wrote an article on fighting depression, you might like it too so I have put the link below.

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