My Reviews For ResellerClub Linux Reseller Hosting

It all started around a month ago when I was planning to restart my web hosting company called as Shadow Hosting. I had used their service back once in the month of February when I started Shadow Hosting. I had used their service and found it was well and good until their hidden pricing structure messed up whole of my budget.

My Review About Resellerclub

I firstly bought Resellerclub reseller hosting plan in February of 2018 when I founded Shadow Hosting. I was happy because their pricing were in my budget and it helped me launch my business. It was all good until when the time came up for renewal of the reseller hosting. I went to my portal to renew until I found the renewal price was hiked to 1290 Rs + 18% GST = 1522 rupees. I was so disappointed because my whole budget was only 20$ and what I found out was 1522 INR equals to 21$.

When I contacted their support, they said that the offer is only for new customer for first month only. It was bad when I found the renewal price was out of my budget. It was just 95% uptime I have got throughout the month. But, my website use to lag all the time and when I contacted them, they never accepted their fault and kept saying they’ve reported it to their technical team. Lag of website can be considered as my end problem because their server is hosted in USA and I am from India.

Worst part

Last month, I thought of giving them another try. I kept going with them until last week I found another reseller hosting which was much cheaper and having high specs. I bought them. Wait there! I didn’t abandon Resellerclub yet but I have to do it because I have to get my money back. I paid resellerclub 1121 INR or something(i dont remember) for reseller linux hosting. My purchase was in 30 days money back guarantee. When I called their support for refund, they said me to do it manually.

Did I got my refund?

As per their given instructions, I was told to cancel my reseller linux hosting manually to get my refund in my resellerclub wallet so that I can get my money back. I did and I didn’t got it back. I contacted them and they replied me 2 days later after I sent them email. Still, they took another day to initiate a refund in just my resellerclub wallet. After that, I was told to press refund button so that I can get my money back in my bank account. I did it. This happened around more then a week ago(I think, 9 days have passed) and I haven’t got the money back yet. They said they refunded my money and I never received my money. From my end, I don’t have any issue with my bank account but still. Here is the horrible reply I got from them. Their reply just pissed me off and made me write this “bad and sad review” against them.

Resellerclub Ticket
Resellerclub Ticket

Any good?

The only good they have is their 24 hours support. Umm, Not actually. Not all of their department are open 24 hours a day. But their support team is active which helped me fewer times with query.


Edit :- They’ve finally refunded me.

I haven’t received my payment yet and I am disappointed. I am still waiting. I’ll wait for another day and contact my bank regarding this. If I don’t get my money back, I would have to take legal action against them. If anyone from Resellerclub is reading this, please take action. The ticket ID is in screenshot posted above.

Thank you for reading my article. If you have any of such experience with them, please comment below. Thank you once again, have a great day ahead!

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