Why Do We Fast In The Month Of Ramadan?

It has been difficult for most of the Muslims when they’re asked by their non-Muslim friends, “Why do you fast in the month of Ramadan?”. Yes, inspite of being Muslim most of the people in the religion doesn’t know why do we actually fast in the month of Ramadan.

Hello guys, In this article, we’re going to learn how to answer in the boss way to respond to your non-Muslim friends when they ask why do you fast in month of Ramzan. Let’s begin.

What is Ramadan?

Ramzan, a holy month in Islam. This is the month when the holy book of Islam entered into the premises of Earth. It was firstly sent to the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ)(Peace upon him) and then he narrated the Qur’an. Allah ordered us, the humans to fast in this month.

Sunset when Muslims break fast

Ramadan is a month when Muslims fasts. The duration of fasting in a day is from sunrise to sunset. From Fajr(sunrise) to Maghreeb(sunset). The Muslims begins their fast and stops eating when the Aadhan of Fajr(sunrise) begins. The fast is broken when the Aadhan of Maghreeb(sunset) begins.

Why do Muslims fast in the month of Ramadan?

Here comes the main point to answer. Many would say that they fast to know how it feels when you’re poor or how it feels when you’re hungry. Yes, that’s true but partially. One of the main reason why do Muslims fast is “Taqwa“. Muslims fasts in the month of Ramadan to gain Taqwa.

What is Taqwa?

As of now, I am not expert in Islamic study but the thing I know about Taqwa is self control. Muslims fast to gain self control. Whenever they begin their fast, the have to gain and maintain as much Taqwa as they can.


Let’s take some examples of “Taqwa“. (1).You do fasting, right? The reason why you don’t eat or drink anything is to gain Taqwa. You have to self-control on yourself in-order to avoid getting your fast broken before the time. (2). Guys do like to see girls, right? Who does not? But here comes the point. The Taqwa stops us from unlawful or bad gaze. It means you lower your gaze or turn your gaze so that you don’t look at her with a bad view. (3) You do not watch movies or listen to songs. Nowadays movies usually contains sexually explict content which is Har’aam(illegal) in Islam. You do listen to songs but songs too have forceful content, or you can say disturbing content that disturbs the peace and relaxation of the mind. You listen to sad songs? It makes you feel sad and breaks the peace and so on…

As I have already said that this is “one of the most” reason, I don’t know much about it. I know basic things that I have shared with you to let your non-Muslims friends know why do they fast in the months of Ramadan. Oh yes, I am editing this post because I forgot to post this video. This video and the next to it will show you why we fast in the month of Ramadan. You’ll find EP. 2 in the next video. In case if you don’t, search for “Why We Fast EP.2 OnePath”.

Thank you all for now! have a great Ramadan ahead and may Allah accept your fasts, Aameen.

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