Expansion Of Idea – Perseverance Is The Key To Success

Hello guys, this is Manal Shaikh! I have thought that there has been a quite chaos in the last moments for SSC or any other board students. I too, myself have faced this twice. Thank god I got my topic at the last moment when I wanted because this topic is my favourite.

First of all, we are going to see what does actually “perseverance” means. So here is what our “Google Guru” has to say about “Perseverance”.


Let’s begin with our “expansion of idea”.

Perseverance Is The Key To Success

Perseverance, what does it mean? Perseveing our qualities and our ability and executing it to the right place is called as perseverance. We must know our abilities and our qualities, or you can say our “true talent”.

Let’s taken an example of our great entrepreneur of this generation. Starting with Bill Gates. A son of a wood cutter from 60s became world’s first youngest billionaire at the age of 31. After holding his 1st position to be world’s richest man, he went down to second. But it doesn’t mean he lost his worth. The thing that he did added more then trillions of value in him. Wikipedia saysBill Gates has the highest amount given to charity ($35 billion) among the greatest philanthropists.” He is still in heart of hundreds of million peoples whom he had donated money to.

Following next to “Eminem, The RAP God”. Despite of being brutally beaten, drug overdose, being left over, he never gave up. After his first rap album launch, he was disappointed because it went flop but he never gave up. He tried it all the time and still never changed his profession. Now, see! He is called as the “greatest rapper of all the time”. Salute to you sir for being inspirational!

I can list eveybody out there who became successful from poverty to billionaire and successful. But it’s you who can do it! Who can write your own destiny. Don’t let anyone else be the author for you book. Perseve your qualities and never give up. If you stand strong, at the end, your determination will pay you off everything it has got debt for you.

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Alright, that’s all for now! I am not an expert teacher or a highly skilled English professional. I am just a student who passed out 10th right 3 months back. You may find grammatical mistakes in it. If you do, just comment down! I will keep your comment and approve it and fix my article! Have a great day ahead!

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