How I Lost My 30$ In Just 12 Hours Of OlympTrade Trading

Started off last night, I had seen many of OlympTrade trading advertisement on many YouTube channel like Sana’s Bucket and other sponsored advertisements. I knew about the risk of trading online and I also knew about it being very “addictive” if won. So let’s begin with my journey.

How I Got To Know About OlympTrade trading?

As mentioned above, I was scrolling down my feed on Instagram, I saw the trading option app advertisement. I was quite amazed and wanted to invest my money but I didn’t had one. Time went on.. Two days back, I was scrolling down my YouTube’s feed and I found a new video of Sana’s Bucket channel. By the way, Sana’s Bucket is one of my favourite channel. It was when I saw Sana advertising OlympTrade. I thought it to be amazing and I had my mind set to invest in OlympTrade very soon when I have enough money with myself for the minimum deposit which is 10$.

It was yesterday when suddenly I lost control over myself and I just wanted to do the trading on OlympTrade. I texted my dad and asked him to send me 250 Rs more to my bank account. When I texted him, he was at work. When I came back, he told me that he made a NEFT of 2000 rupees instead of just 250. I was so happy and I just downloaded the app and made a deposit of 10$ at start.

The Journey Begins…

I made a deposit of 10$ with my VISA debit card and began the trading. At the beginning, I didn’t knew how to trade. I called their customer care helpline service for help. They informed me about the most basic things like selecting assets, making predictions, timing, trade amount and etc. I began with 1$ for 5 minutes trading with Tesla company. I was confused what was going on. The lines were going up and down. After few minutes, I figured out what it was. One minute was left, I waited for it. Time went on.. One minute passed and nothing happened and my amount was still 9$. *Scratches head with a sign of confusion on my face* . I thought, I had to do something after the trade is done to make a withdraw to my OlympTrade account. When I picked up my mobile to Google how to withdraw, I suddenly saw my total amount going up to 11.20$. I was shocked and I couldn’t control my happiness and jumped off my chair because of first successful trade and a hike of 1.2$.

How Did Things Went Further?

Everything was going right. I made another trade. But this time, it was not 1$, not two but three dollar trade. I was waiting for the price to go up so that I could earn money. I waited for another 5 minutes and found my money went down to 8.80$. Gathering my courage for another trade and did the three minutes trade again. Not with Tesla, but this time with Apple.

olymptrade trading

I kept doing it until I reached 22$. Being so curious, I was soo happy and told my parents about it. I requested a withdraw of 10$ because I would still have 12$ left for trading. But the amount wasn’t deducted. I called OlympTrade customer support. Their spokesperson assured me that my money would be deducted and would be sent to my account from where I made the deposit. I was happy and continued the trade.

How I Started Loosing?

It was like an addiction, my 10$ slowly turned into 42$ in just 1.5 hours. I continued the trading. I decided to do a trading of 17$. The seventeen dollar trading was the biggest trade I would do when since I started trading. I did it. I waiting for another minute and was disappointed when I found that I lost my 17$. But I still had 25$ in my hands. Continuing the trading, I was disappointed once again after I lost more money and I only had 5$ in my wallet left. I did it once again and it was found at night 1 AM that I lost all my money. After loosing all money I had, I made a deposit of 10$ once again with a hope that I would recover my previous 10$. But I failed once again. The disappointment took away my sleep and I was addicted till then. I made my courage and a direct trade of 10$. I AM THE BOSS, I got 19$ this time. YEA! I kept trying and found it was 42.5$. Finally I got a relaxation breathe and I slept.

No, it’s not over yet.

I woke up this morning and began my trading again. Again, disappointed, I didn’t earn anything. I lost my 40$ and after that, I even lost the remaining 2.5$. And now, I completely regret for what I did. I realized, it wasn’t any investment or something, actually, I was gambling which is Har’am in my religion. Thank god, I lost all my money. Yea, I am not mad, I am thankful to God that I lost my money. Because I was addicted to this gambling and I kept investing or, you can say Gambling. “Sed lyf niBBa“, I am quite sad right now, writing down my story because I regret what I did and I lost my 30$ which means alot to me.

Last but not the least…

I have learnt that I would never gamble my money into such things. I don’t care whether it is profitable or loss, I would just not put my money in it. Because it is Har’am in Islam.

Yea, you must be wondering if you’re my blog’s regular reader. It’s been more then 3 months since I posted last time. I was busy, or you can say, I was feeling lazy to write down. But from now, I would continue writing down whatever I feel like. I know, my content and way of writing is different but that’s what I need in my content to make it “unique”. It should be more like a self-narrated story of my own.

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Thank you for reading my blog, have a great day ahead. Good night.(it’s night when I am writing so Good night.)

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