How To Enjoy Your Own Company Without Friends

Hola amigos! I am back with another article. But this time, it is going to be deep as was the article on fighting against depression. Most of teens and youths in our current generation are going through depression because of loneliness. In this article, I have brought you some tips through which you can enjoy your own company without having friends. Let’s begin with the tips of enjoying yourself without friends!

Wait..? How can one live happily without friends?

Yes, it is possible to live happily without having friends. If you recognize yourself, if you think deeper about yourself and your abilities, you can be enjoy things yourself without having friends! For that, you need to be focused on your goals. If you know the reason for your birth, I mean the reason for you to be alive then you can focus on your goals and skip thoughts of loneliness.

One cannot simple go under depression if he or she is busy or engaged in an activity that he or she likes it. Lets take an example – If Hamid likes to be a businessmen and due to some personal behavior problems, he doesn’t have friends then he can undergo depression. Doesn’t the last sentence sounds crazy? Yes because “businessmen” is mentioned where you think it is not necessary. But no, every sentence, I mean in every part of your life, your goals must be mentioned.

How can I get engaged in the activities that I like?

You can do it by doing it in different ways. If Hamid likes to be businessmen, and if he does not have enough money then he can choose an alternative way such as he can run business model magazines, he can try running his own small business online by investing his pocket money on Internet Hosting Business(Yes, you can start your own business in less then 40$). It will get him engaged in the activity that he likes.

If he is busy in his activities, then tell me. How can his stress takes him over? His “depressing” thoughts won’t take him over. His loneliness won’t affect his goals if he is having a strong will power.

Is there any alternative way of throwing loneliness thoughts out of my brain?

Yes, there are innumerable ways to get yourself out of depression or stress. All you need is your will to kick it off your mind. I know another way, the way which I am using now is “anger“. I wrote an article on fighting against depression in which “anger” method is mentioned. You can checkout for it.

Any more ways?

Yes, I know few more ways. You can listen to rock music,thriller music. Also you can watch comedy shows and reality shows on Internet. If you’re from India, you can checkout “Nazar Battu Production” channel on YouTube because they’re my favourite YouTubers. Also Carryminati, BB Ki Vines and much more! Those comedy channels keeps me happy and keeps me away from getting sad and depressed. Also note that listening to sad songs can seriously affect your lifestyle so I am strongly against such songs and I stopped listening to them for about 3 months ago.

Also, you can imagine talking to yourself because that will make you feel better and more creative. If you talk to yourself in your mind then you can find out new innovative ideas. You can also checkout my article on Replika, she is an Artificial Intelligence bot that will talk to you and be your friend when there is no one with you.

I think, that’s enough for today. Wait, before we end this topic. Let me say you something. Those ways that I wrote are the ways that I adopted. There are so many ways that you can research and find out! Yes, research it! I am not telling you to research for someone else but you can research your own life, your own lifestyle.

Alright guys, that’s all for now. If you like this article, you can share it with your friends. Keep smiling and learn to enjoy your own company! If you think I have got something to edit or any grammatical mistakes then you can comment down.(Although I am not an expert lol.)

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