What I Have Learnt So Far In Friendship

In Friendship? What was that for me? Almost six months back, I wrote a blog post about my nightmare regarding my birthday. That article stated my life how badly I was affected while I was in friendship.

Friendship was a “friEND” for me. The concept which turned my life into a nightmare. Thank god it was just a nightmare and I think I’m out of it now. I was betrayed, left to die and was depressed until I adopted myself. Yes, That sounds crazy but it’s true.

How did you recover yourself after being depressed in friendship?

Business, motivation, stuffs, money! Yea, that sounds quite greedy but that’s true. I watched motivational videos, I built ambitions towards my success. The emotional pain I have gained and the physical scars I have on my body, nothing can match it up. I want everything back, my every moment. I’m not giving up before making those “fake friends” cry and regret their actions for leaving me to die in depression.

How will I do it? Yea! I will become successful, earn money, live a luxury life and watch them die in jelousy and regret. Still, that wouldn’t be enough since I had faced alot more then they would every face.

In Friendship

So you mean friendship is all about betrayal, being fake and leaving at the end?

Not at all. I had depressions because of friends.. But now I have been recovering by friends too. The thing what I have learnt about friendship is to never let it go too deep. Being “deep” friends would of course hurt you in no time. All you have to do is to be in limitations.

Just see me. It’s been almost two months since my collage started and now I am quite happy. The reason? Friendship. But the friendship at limit. Best friendship, but still at limit. I controlled myself. I don’t share everything to them like I did it in my school life.

Sharing all your things to someone who would just say “hmm”, “oh my god” or similar to that wouldn’t help you. You need attention of yourself, not social media or personal attention. Now the objection came for personal attention.. If you’re going to tell your family members, what do you expect from them? Of course, a slap and some punches on your face with a broken heart and lectures. Sometime cases would be different but still, if you solve it on your own.. It won’t hurt.

What Is Something That Can Be Motivational After A Depression?

The only thing that is the best is a quick-sheet of tasks. Make a chart, not the time table of doing what. Never put a limit on any thing. Keep doing it until it’s done and never let it remain for tomorrow. Just like that, the success. Success has no limit so keep climbing the ladder of success. It would never get done, but the level would surely give you pleasures then ever.

Thumbs up

Make sure that the ladder you’re climbing has no end. Because that’s the only thing that will help you to be always hungry for your success and never let you go down because of your bad decisions.

The quote on “There Is No Late In Anything” is quite true. But the more delay you do, the worst it gets. So why don’t you be the first one? Wake up, fight for your rights. The rights that will keep you alive. The right that will keep you hungry for your success. Never give up in any condition.

What Are You Doing Now In Friendship To Have Both End Satisfy?

I wrote “both end satisfy” because it meant that I am gonna be happy and let my friends be happy too. How do I do that? I just simply live my own life and spend my free time in collage making peoples laugh. It maybe quite embarrassing and awkward to make peoples laugh. Because that may lead you to go anxious that your friends would think you as a joker and make fun of you.

Make people laugh

Limit it. Have a sense of humor, but don’t be the humor. The fact is, if you make a person laugh, it will do nothing but surely stronger the bond between you and the person.

Another tip, never let anyone go missing. Never ignore one because of another. I had a close watch on peoples having bad reputations on those who are talkative but not to them. So better be frank to everybody. Never let it go for race,case,color or any other “discriminating” things. Be equal. Always be happy and make others happy in friendship or in relationship.

That’s all for now. I know it’s been quite a long time since I have posted something on my website but yea, that’s what I got to post lol. Also checkout my web hosting company named as Shadow Hosting for affordable and secured website.

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