How Does It Feel To Be Highly Sensitive Person? A Look Inside


Humans are special not just because of their intelligence or smartness or their cognitive ability, but also because of the mixture of feelings and emotions. Feelings and emotions are what makes a living being conscious. Humans are special because they’re able to understand that feeling and live with it. Imagine if you’re emotionless? How would you survive? No matter how numb you might be feeling, there is always a “good” left in you that will help you thrive in this world that works solely on emotional gains. Have you ever felt to be a highly sensitive person?

Ever wondered why do we study at an early age? Why do we work? Why do we want to make money? The whole answer behind these questions is the pursuit of happiness(not the movie). You start studying at an early age because you’re taught that you will learn to be a good person. But what’s the ultimate reason? The money. Yes, people run after money. There might be dozens of quotes on your Instagram, or Facebook, or Twitter or any other platform of “Money can’t buy happiness”. Let’s put that quote into the practical world. If you don’t earn, you will live in poverty and if you live in poverty, and if you live in poverty, you will be unhappy and depressed, and if you will be sad/unstable, you will not be loved as you have no reason to be loved.

Harsh Reality, isn’t it?

Yes, this is harsh but if you think practically, this will be the ultimate truth of everything you’re doing. We’re not running after money for no reason. We want to live happily. But what makes humans?  Feelings. If you want to be happy, you will have to feel happy.

But have you ever wondered about people are highly sensitive? Just like when you touch someone physically, they can feel it. There are people who can be touched to their hearts almost all the time. When you say something good/bad to them, there are more chances that they will be either very happy or be broken. Yes, not just sad, but broken. There are people who’s main motive is to be loved and to love. You may not know, but it maybe you? Or maybe your best friend? Who are these people?

Who Are These Sensitive People?

Are the name itself suggests, they are called “Highly Sensitive Person” or “HSP”. But it isn’t limited to an individual. Since there are many HSPs living out there, they’re given a whole personality which is named “Highly Sensitive Personality”.

HSPs are the ones who feel a lot more than an average person does. They may cry on which an average person calls it “small matter” and they may be overwhelmed with happiness for the same but happy matter. Let’s have a look at how would it feel to be an HSP.

How Does It Feel To Be A Highly Sensitive Person?

First of all, I wrote this article because, honestly, I, myself, is an HSP. I dealt with many things out of which, I assumed many of them to be the “worst” or the “best” which on average nothing. Let’s cover some points on how you would feel to be an HSP.

1. You May Feel Often Down


Starting with the negative part so that we can have a happy ending, yes, you will feel down often. And many of those times, it will be of no reason. Many people may assume this as depression, which might be true in most cases, but it isn’t obvious because when a person goes through an overwhelming situation, they tend to remember it for some time and forget it. But an HSP would remember this for a very long time. These memories may sometimes trigger that person randomly as they go through their past in their heads. But it doesn’t always mean that you’re suffering from depression just because you’re an HSP.

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2. You Are Prone To Depression

Since you being an HSP and can feel a lot more, you are more likely to be depressed than other people of your age group and gender. This is because comparatively, an average person deals with a sad event as sad and may cry on it for some time and leave. But for an HSP, it is a traumatic event and may trigger depression and overthinking, which can get worse if not treated well.

3. You Can Understand People’s Emotions In Their Hard Times

When an average person goes through a traumatic event, they tend to be more depressed and sad all the time. But when an HSP is around, believe me, if that person suffering is close to them, the HSP would start crying too. This is because of their ability to understand people’s emotions and not being able to see them crying. A big huggie! and everything goes right. Both friends are happy again!

4. You Are The Best Lover

made me laugh with friends

If you were to marry, always pray for an HSP. Believe me, when you marry an HSP, and get into their heart, you will never, ever feel loveless by them. They’re the best to love and spend one’s life with. Who would not wish a caring, understanding and loving partner for life?

5. You Are Always The Nice One

HSPs are quite rare to find. And if you find a real one, they will be really nice and supportive of you. They will respect you and possibly, even love you irrespective of your color, gender, caste, religion, height, weight or any other stereotypical discriminations. If you find a “bad guy” with “HSP”, they’re the other part of which we call it as “Numb HSP” who can only feel the 6th point of this article.

6. No One Would Want To Be Your Enemy

Emotions are not binary. There are many emotions and one of them is anger and hatred. Believe me, you would never want to be hated by an HSP. They’re the best to play your rival in your life. So you never want to mess with an HSP. Especially, the numb ones.

Who Are Numb HSPs?

Numb HSPs are the one who feels a lot but are never able to express so they always keep it inside, pretending to be numb. But one thing they cannot control is their hatred and anger towards someone. This can be fixed with proper talk therapy and professional supervision if possible. Such a highly sensitive person can be lethal at times but can be melted if took care of with proper amount of love and little friendly slap :).

Coming Soon – How Does It Feel To Be Numb?


As always a DISCLAIMER, I am not an expert or a certified psychologist. The above-written article is just my personal combination of thoughts and experiences. Some parts of the article may not be true for everyone or some. You’re requested to suggest an edit in the comment section or email me at

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