A Heart Melting Story Of A Hacker

No hello or hola for this time because today, I am writing up a very interesting story of a hacker. You can checkout videos based on his life. I don’t know whether it is true or no but that story motivated me. So let’s begin.

How was it all started?

This story is very long, I am gonna write in short up here in this article. I’ll put up the playlist link in the article then you can go and read the story. Yes, it is a YouTube video in which text is displayed and slowly changed eventually. It is having more then 50 videos in different part.

From mother’s womb to become a legendary hacker, all started from beginning. He grew up to 8 years old, he was physically tortured, mentally abused and had gone under huge depression.

When he grew up, his crush in his high school left him. When he turned in 18, a ten year old girl fell in love with him. It became quite complicated but Jeremy always guarded her whenever she needed. The girl named him “The Guardian Angel”. The girl turned 14 and Jeremy turned 22 and things were more complicated when Jeremy tried to make her understand about the age difference. He didn’t agree but finally, Jeremy left her for her good. Few later ahead, the girl was in relationship with another guy and when Jeremy got to know about it, he smiled. When he approached to that girl, the girl cried and hugged him tightly and thanked him for courage she got from him.

Your explanation looks quite complicated, please explain it clearly.

Yes, I know. The story is narrated by a guy who uploaded the video on his channel with name “Ander Anderson”. I don’t know anything about it. Few years back, I got the link of the video when the guy “ander” posted in my hacking group named “DDOS ATTACKERS”. Later, the group was taken down by Facebook because of it’s community standards violations. I had saw all the 50+ videos and it was really awesome. I can’t resist to let you guys see it because it’s awesome!

Link of the 1st video –

And the name of the playlist is Terran.

That’s all for now, I know this article isn’t quality article but I just wanted you guys to see his whole story. Read it when you’re free because it’s long :).

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