Going Personal, Introducing A New Website For Tech Stuffs

Hello guys. I know it’s been a long time since I have posted stuff in here. But I’ve got something to announce. I’ve bought a new domain name and that’s where I’m going to start a new website. If you guys are willing to join me in my technical stuffs, you can find me there at manal.ovh.

At the time of writing this article, the website may not be up because I’m currently working on it to get it online ASAP.

Hey? Are you closing down this website for going personal?

Heck no! I’m just packing my technical stuffs to that website. This website would be kept alive and maintained. Just the difference between these two would be that I would not post technical stuffs here. Other than that, every is good!

What about your personal stuffs and other life-based jokes,stories,motivational articles?

Well, they’ll all be here. I would still post them here. Nothing big is gonna change so no worries. We all are cool, aren’t we? Let’s motivate each others by submitting motivational articles to my email so that I’ll feature you & your work. My email is manal@manalshaikh.info.

Was it necessary for you to make an article for shifting of your website? Does anybody out here cares?

Umm, No. No one cares and I know that. But for self satisfaction, I’m writing this article to make this website alive. Its been inactive since a bit long so what is wrong in writing an article?

I’ll better drive all my traffic to my new website because I know, no one is interested in my stuffs LOL. It’s obvious why’d you read my article? huh? There is WikiHow, and many other websites that can motivate you. But you know? I just wanted to keep you smiling. I know I’m being a brat but what’s wrong in it? Let’s be honest and keep motivating each others by either sharing any of my motivational article’s link or some other motivation stuffs too! It doesn’t matter who writes. It matters whom and how does it work.

Don’t forget to checkout my Twitter account @manalshaikhINFO.

Manal Shaikh

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