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Many of blog owners do suffer from low traffic on their website during their initial launch period. They are always looking for visitors on their website. In this case, I’ve got a nice site that’ll get you visitors on your website. This free website traffic service works in a way that’ll make you happy and real visitors on your website.

How does the Free Website Traffic Service work?

how does it work

This service works in a way that’ll satisfy both of the blog/website owner. Yes, there are many website owners included in this service. For example, if you want free traffic on your website, you have to gain “hits” on your service account. To earn those “hits”, you have to download the software that is given by them and when you login into that software, it will automatically start surfing random websites from your computer. It’ll all the job of your computer. You don’t have to do anything but just keep your computer up. The more your computer visits website, the more “hits” you gain. You can redeem your hits in exchange of traffic to your own website. In simple words, it works as a website traffic exchange which works on auto pilot.

Hitleap – Free Website Traffic Exchange.

free website traffic hitleap

The name of the website traffic exchange service is “hitleap“. This website is simple to use. All you have to do is register on their website, download their software, start surfing from their software and add your website for automated visits on your website. It’s that simple!

What are the benefits of using this service?

This question makes me awkward. Yes, there is NO benefits at all. All you will get is number of visits on your Google analytics. Your website won’t get any rank in Alexa neither Google SERP, nothing at all! If you talk about earning, you won’t get anything except one or two cents because of CPM rates. The visitors on your website are real but their behaviour are no less then bots. What do bot traffic do? Visit and go. They too do visit and leave your website without going to any other page and that’s how all it works.

Does this work with YouTube?


Well, I haven’t tried it yet. But I have heard some reviews regarding YouTube usage of this service. Well, if you use it for your YouTube channel in which monetization is enabled, you may have to about all of hard earned money you’ve made so far. Why? as this service is “bot look alike”, for sure adsense will detect is as a fake view and disable your monetization loosing all your money. So do not try this on a channel with monetization enabled.

What about any alternative?

As I already told you, the traffic exchange service works the same as all does. Make it look like bot service. But there is a site that I know who can get you visits same as of Hitleap but with a very low increase in Alexa Ranking. A very low is better then no ranking. The name of that traffic exchange service is Hitleap. It will get you 25 visits a day in exchange of you giving 25 visits to their website. But I have seen so far that TrafficCape actually get your website ranked in Alexa. My website ShadowCrypt wasn’t being ranked by Alexa since 2 months but when I started using TrafficCape for 2 weeks, I got ranked in Alexa! It actually works. TrafficCape is only for “very new” blogs/website since such websites doesn’t have visitors at all.

Thank you for reading out my article! If you have got any suggestion for this article, comment down below!

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