This Is How I Fought Against Depression

Depression has been a major issue today in this generation. Many suicides are taking place because of teenagers being depressed. The reason of depression varies from place to place, person to person. Some of the reasons are as breakups,parental abuse,loneliness and etc.

Yes, you can see the title that indicates the story about me. I am currently fighting against depression and there are not just one reason, I got many reasons. Such as parental abuse, loneliness, no friends, being avoided and etc. But I have got a way through which I am currently fighting it and I have improved a lot.

How are you fighting against depression with so many reasons?

Internet is a huge network of knowledge. There are millions of YouTube channel available online that posts inspirational videos on their channel. I am one of their viewer. Yes, one of my favourite channel is Team Fearless. I have been going through many depression problems and without channels like Team Fearless, I would have not been here writing articles for you guys. Not only TF channel but there are many videos and channels available online that can help you with your concerns.

What was your reaction over depression?

I cried all the night. I made attempts to suicide and I made so mark blade marks on my body which is still visible on my arms. During depression, I got both of my arms cutting down everyday, wasting my blood. Later, I realized how fool I was. And I regret for those marks that are still visible on my body. Most of us maybe here because of breakups… But do you guys know a fact that happened to me? I wasn’t gone through breakup, something more worse then that. That’s what I call it as “left alone”. Yes, all my friends left me. All means, all!

Me during depression

What’s the story behind your depression?

In initial stages, I cried for a girl whom I loved. You can say it as a “crush”. On the day of farewell of my academic year of the school, I even tried of proposing her. But without letting me say anything, she said she don’t want to hear anything from me. I cried, and cried and even got my blades with myself. But my friends showed sympathy(which I needed the most at that time), it helped me. They were like “don’t do suicide”, I didn’t do it! Just a little sympathy stopped me and I didn’t end my life there. See, how much I cared about them and their orders. Time went on, the same who stopped me from suicide left me a month after the Academic Farewell. At that stage, I didn’t have a single friend. Then a girl from the same group approached to me during my board exams. She contacted me on WhatsApp saying “I have a crush on you”. How can a girl like me?! I said yes, we can go with it.

I thought my life would become easier then before but no! She too blocked me after 2 weeks saying that her mobile got confiscated and even after boards she never texted me. I knew that would happen. I cried again, but this time I didn’t made cuts on my hand. That’s the time when Team Fearless channel’s video helped me go through the depression. That was the real stage when depression took over me.

How I started fighting against depression?

As I already mentioned, Team Fearless channel helped me out of depression. The main thing that helped me is “anger“. The anger plus the pain that helped me overcome depression. Whenever depression tries to approach to me, THAT’S THE ANGER! The anger helps me fight against depression. *Sorry for caps*

Oh wait! Not the anger of violence, but the anger of revenge. Not the revenge of violence, but the revenge of being successful. I took from that time, I will become successful! I will become billionaire. And I will show them what they did wrong by leaving me alone. Yes, that sounds childish that I am dreaming of being billionaire that is not easy but what’s the problem in it? Anyone can become billionaire! You know that luck is always behind the one who is behind the success. I am behind the success and all that is possible because of anger. I wholeheartedly thank my “fake friends” for leaving me alone because it’s you who taught me how to overcome depression. As of now, whenever depression hits me, I hit it back by anger! I enrage my anger and get to my work and write articles which expresses my thoughts which makes me feel better. I am currently working hard, I am working 16 hours a day and it’s my vacation. Instead of depression hitting me, I hit the success and shout at it “COME TO ME!”.

Does your method of “anger” works with all types of depressions?

I am not a phycological expert niether a therapist so I don’t know much about it. But the feeling I have got through the anger of success. I do recommend my dear readers to atleast try my way once because it costs nothing!

Depression helplines

If you need experts that helps you, you can contact AASRA if you’re from India. They’re one of the biggest anti-suicide helpline that will listen to you and help you out. I never tried it but I have heard good recommendations from Google. Their phone number is 022 2754 6669. You can also checkout listing about International Suicide helpline, they may surely help you out of depression.

Also, I have made a Facebook page “Billionaire’s Dreams” and I do post motivational quotes on it so if you guys want something like that, follow it! And yea, I am currently working on a motivational website where a forum/community will be made. The place where users can post about their problems and I will try to solve them. Not only me, others may too join it and help it out! I purchased the domain this evening so you can keep checking it when the website is launched. The projected and estimated time of launch is 2-3 days from now. The domain name is Thank you for reading 🙂 .

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