What Does It Really Feel To Be An Empath?

Are you an empath? or do you know anyone who is? Have you ever wondered to be one? In this article, we’re going to learn how does it feel to be an empath and what are pros and cons to be one. Before we begin, let’s learn what really it means.

Empath, Empathy or Empathic…

Before we put our own opinion, let’s first consult from our dear Internet encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another’s position. Definitions of empathy encompass a broad range of emotional states.

With the above-mentioned explanation, we can understand what it means in a definition point of view. Let’s learn it from our own words. So what is it?

Empathy is a type of secondary personality where a person can feel what the person whom he or she is interacting with is feeling. It means if you are an empath, you can actually feel what your best friend is feeling after talking them for a while. If they’re feeling happy, they would share their happiness with you because you believe that your happiness is in your friend’s happiness. And in case, if they’re feeling sad, you have a higher chance of feeling sad too. It is because you talk to your best friend and they vet out everything(mostly) to you and they would feel better. At some extent, they might feel better but you may start feeling sad because you, spiritually, soaked how they were feeling.


Why Does It Happen?

Although there is no exact scientific reason for why and how exactly are feelings shared, there are some speculations where one can guess why is this happen. When an empath tries to have a conversation with the other person, they often feel like they’re a part of them. They don’t recognize them as another person, but themselves.

They can create up images and scenarios of what is being shared with them. It often happens with people who are reading stories and novels or are narrated with one of both. When you read a story, you feel like you’re actually in the story, right? This is how it works. When they share you their feelings, you feel like you’re replaced by them in the story. Anything good or bad happened to them is actually happening to you when your brain is listening up the story. And when finally they end, you feel like all those things happened to you, not them. This is how they absorb feelings.

Pros Of Being An Empath

There are pros and cons of being an empath. Beginning with the pros, here is the first one.

You Feel Other’s Emotion

When you feel another person’s emotion, it helps you to understand them better. And when you understand them better, you now know, or you can predict it with higher chances of being correct, what they like and what they don’t. You can use such analysis to make them happy, build up the relationship, help them overcome traumatic memories(if they share so).

Your Love And Care Is Magnified

Unlike normal people, your love and care are much higher compared to those who are not an empath. Whenever you love, you do it to the fullest and so do you care them the most. This can help you to build mutual understanding in a relationship hence, drastically reducing the chances breakups.

Cons Of Being An Empath

With every pro, there must be at least one con. But in a mean and selfish world, there might be more cons than pros. So let’s begin with the cons of being an empath.

You Feel Other’s Emotion

Wait? It’s the pro, right? Well, it can be a con too. As I mentioned up above in the first paragraph, you absorb other people’s emotion. In con scenario, you actually absorb their sadness and depression to some extent which can be harmful to your mental health. If it is something critical, or if due to some darkest secrets that are being shared, or if something that triggers the empath because it matches with the story of them, it can be very much harmful. This can trigger back your old memory and put you in chronic depression if not treated well.

 You Love More Than They Deserve, Sometimes

When it comes to love and caring, you, being an empath, love them more than they deserve. Often there are less-interest by one side in a relationship while the other side gives their best. Yes, you love them more than they deserve. It might be interesting at the beginning of the relationship, but as time goes by, it starts getting worse because as an empath, you won’t stop loving that person while other person either never loved you or lost interest in you. This can be critical sometimes and the reason why it is, because…

Empath Also Means Highly Sensitive

Well, the worst part is, being sensitive. In fact, highly sensitive. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you sometimes love more than they deserve. And when they lose interest in you, you will get to know it faster. Why fast? Because you’re sensitive to the relationship. So whatever that happens to you reflects you more and you can actually figure out what is going on. And when you finally confirm, it sucks. My friend, believe me, it really sucks. It’s probably one of the worst mental pain you’d feel which can often make you suicidal and depressed.

Break there! This doesn’t mean you’re always right! Sometimes being an empath, you can figure out something that never happened. It means, you may feel like you’re being ignored and not loved by that person, and you may conclude that they don’t love you anymore and then get sad. Many times, it’s not. The reality might be different and what you’re feeling is just a false alarm to your anxiety to take you over.

You May Feel Alone

Survive Depression

This is another sad part, and yea, mostly, it is true. Nowadays, empaths are mostly considered as “use and throw materials” where the sad person may vet their feelings to you and leave you even before you share your feelings with them. When they share their feelings, you too expect to share yours to them. But does it really happen? Before you trust that person enough, they leave you. And again, you feel alone. This happens to most of the empaths which can be one of the saddest parts.


I can write up all day about being an empath because an old friend of mine was an empath and so a little was me too. Above were some of my personal thoughts that came up of what it actually feels to be an empath. I sometimes feel like I’m an empath but sometimes I don’t. It’s normal, isn’t it? Anyways, I hope you guys liked my article and if you really do, please smile :). No, I’m not asking you to share it this time because nowadays, we’re already running out of reasons to smile. I didn’t write this article to get views or to earn money. In fact, from today, 3rd July 2019, I’m disabling advertisements on my website. It is because there was a lot of annoying advertisement which distracts the reader from the article and I want my small audiences to learn new things which becomes hard with adverts. So for now, I’m closing down with advertisements. Thank you for reading! Have a nice day ahead.

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