Top 4 Ways To Earn Money Online Sitting Back At Home

Hello habibis(friends)! I am back with another article on earning money online. Due to summer holidays, students are more likely to spend their time on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. One can easily earn money to get their pockets by utilizing their same time by doing jobs online instead wasting times on social media. There are many online platforms available which can get you employed for the work you do.

How do I earn money by sitting back on chair with fans on?

Yes, you don’t really know how much your talents worth and how much you can earn with it. Like you know video editing, photo editing and other multimedia editing, you can offer your service to peoples around the world those who are in need in exchange of some dollars.

How do I find peoples who are in need of my service?

You can find them easily on online platforms like Fiverr, and etc. Such platforms can get your needs full-filled without you fighting with your parents for pocket money. Below are the list of such platforms where you can earn money by providing service to those who are in need of it.

  • – Online freelancing website. Takes 20% per order and doesn’t require much advertisement if your work is unique and competitors are low.
  • – Another online freelancing website. Everything is fine but it’s bidding system needs to be understood before doing any purchase. Also there are many competitors in each categories.
  • – Never tried it yet, but will be registering on it soon!

What are the other ways of earning money online?

Not only free lancing but there are also many other ways through which you can earn money online. Some ways may need your little investment and some may not! Technically, all works need your hard work.

Setting up online hosting business.

Setting up online business seems to be hard but it requires a lesser investment then in setting up physical business. If you have the skills to setup the website for your business and install softwares like cPanel, OGP, WHM,WHMCS and etc then its much more cheaper! But if you don’t, you can hire a freelancer to do it for you! I’d recommend you

earn with hosting business

Hosting business is actually crashing down the market because many competitors are arising. But the twist point here is you can still get more customers. How? By setting up secured servers. Yes, security has been a major concern because many websites are taken down,hacked,injected,etc and you can avoid it by providing addon services with it. If you want a secured DDoS Protected dedicated box, you can checkout from OVH because their DDoS protection is outstanding as I have personally tried it. You can still ask your freelancers for advice by hiring them.


The only thing that keeps me going is blogging. The thing I am doing right now is blogging. Writing article on websites is called as blogging. One can setup their blog and earn money with it by applying for adsense after good enough and relevant content.

earn with blog

Here comes another twist point. All the things you write must be unique. No matter what, it must be unique. I am not telling you because I have heard that it should be unique but I personally experienced it. When I wrote articles on “Top 4 Ways To Avoid Yourself Getting Attracted To Porn Videos” and “Here Is How I Fought Against Depression“, it took a momentum and got more traffic because they were quite unique. I know, I am not gonna get organic traffic on this article because you may find many articles like this on the Internet. But I’ll use some secret strategies to drive over the traffic(I’ll tell ya all later). Even if you copy an article by rewriting it in your own words, you won’t get traffic because peoples may already have read it from where you’ve copied. So write your own article and make sure it is unique so you’ll get more traffic. And the larger the traffic volume is, the more earning you get.


Here uniqueness comes over again. If you’re planning to start a YouTube career by thinking that it’s gonna be making you rich then you’re wrong.

earn with youtube

Think about it, what will make you rich? Your videos? How will it make you rich if it is copied content? If you try to copy other’s idea, you won’t get anywhere except getting disappointed.

Write and publish a Kindle eBook

You may think this thing is at “corporate” level. No, its not. If your English is good and you’ve got great ideas in your mind, you can write eBooks(Electronic Books) and earn money with it. Just like magazines, eBooks are the same. You can write stories,novels,health tips and etc in a book and sell it.

amazon kindle

And remember my words, there are many who are ready to put forth their money for the thing you write. With a price range of 140 INR-640 INR for publishing, you can earn 70% of what sales you make. The 30% goes for Amazon for their apps and other processing charges. I haven’t ever wrote a book, I just have heard about it so I am sharing with you guys. You can go to Google and checkout how this thing is done.

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