How To Earn Money Online Easily With Affiliate Marketing

Hey there! Here I have got another article for you after a long day interval. In this article, we’re gonna learn how to earn money online easily and up to 50$ per day by just sitting at home. How am I gonna do that? It’s easy! You just have to spread the link to relevant places and get sales. You get 30% of every sale your link has made to you.

What Is Affiliate Marketing & How do I earn money through it?

Affiliate marketing means being a marketing partner of a specific company.

Affiliate Marketing

In this scenario, you are going to get sales to Shadow Hosting and they pay you 30% of every sale you have made. As soon as you start making sales to them, you are being an official partner of them. Sometimes if you get the huge sales, you might get featured on their website and get traffic drove to your website too.

How Can I Earn Money From Shadow Hosting?

You can earn easy money from spreading the link. All you have to do is to register on their website. You now have to go to their affiliate section tab and sign up for an affiliate account. You now will be given a link. Above the link, you will see the clicks of that link,sign-ups, and conversions.

Social Media Marketing

Here is where your work starts. If you are a blogger, you can post an article about us on your blog and share the link in description. If you are a YouTuber, you can make a video about us. Or put our link in your video’s description box. Make sure you post it in a relevant place where you can get “web hosting” or ‘reseller hosting” clients. This will help you get a higher chance of success.

How & Where Can I Withdraw Money?

If you need a web hosting, you can open up a ticket and we will convert your affiliate earning into your credit through which you can order web hosting for free from our website using your credits! Or if you want that money in your hand, then you can request withdraw and send us your bank details where they can send you money. Not only bank, they also send money through PayPal, PayTM and other Indian payment mods.

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If you are a non-Indian resident, you can use PayPal. All you need to have 20$ in your affiliate account and then you can convert that credit into real money. You get 30% of every sale you have made to them.

Earn Money

Shadow Hosting:-

Affiliate Marketing Earn Money Link:-

Thanks for reading out my article. I’m sorry for posting after a long time but I was busy in business stuff and setting up a lot of websites makes me lazy at the end of the day to write a post. But I hope that now onwards, I would post daily on the website. I also have got few ideas through which I can present you great articles but I will keep it secret for now lol.

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