How I Boosted My Computer Performance By 400%

This story is about how I boosted my computer performance back to that was new. So let’s begin with it.

I bought my computer, or you can say CPU back in January in year 2016. It was then when I got my computer back after 8 months of surviving without it(yea, I love computers). Years later, now it’s 2018. I have been using my computer since 2016 very roughly without maintaining it’s physical and external condition. I had to do something to boost my computer back to normal as it was in 2016. One day my friend was on my computer using teamviewer and he found my PC to be very laggy. He suggested me to clean all the dust inside the CPU which is causing problems with processor’s fan, resulting in low CPU performance. When I cleaned the fan, I was shocked to see that the method worked! I boosted my computer performance back to normal.

What Is The Specification Of My Computer?

Here is the specification of my computer :-

Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4130 CPU@ 3.40 GHz

Dedicated Ram :- 8 Gigabytes DDR3 Memory

System Type :- 64 bit Operating System

Processor Type :- x64 based processor

Dedicated Graphical Processing Unit :- 1 Gigabytes DDR3 Nividia 210(i know it sucks)

Operating System :- Windows 10 Home

Most of time my computer is used in developing website and other system administrative works. Nowadays, I use it for writing article, developing website and bla bla..

How I Boosted My Computer Performance?

Boosted My Computer Performance

As mentioned above, My computer is 2.8 years old(I’m sorry for my math). Since I bought the CPU, I never maintained it, or you can say, I never cleaned it. Since March, my PC started crossing limits of lags and that’s when I started loosing my patience. I still somehow managed using it(cuz I’m lazy to clean my PC).

It was 3 days ago when my friend was on teamviewer. We were both working on my company’s official website, Shadow Networks. We were scrolling down to templates that were available on bootstrap templates website. Due to many images opening up at the same time, my PC started lagging like a hell. That is when he found out that my PC was lagging like a hell. He asked me about my PC. He suggested me to format my PC. I said to him that I already had formatted my PC two weeks ago. I told him that I never cleaned my CPU and he caught the problem. He asked me to clean my computer and I agreed to him.

*Lame Dust Meme by lame meme maker

We disconnected and I shut downed my computer and disassembled the wires from my CPU. I took out screw and took off the case. What did I find? SOO MUCH DUST! (sorry for caps but yea). When I blew my breathe to clean the dust, I started coughing as there was alot of dust! I took my CPU out of my room and took it to our floor’s passage. Then I asked my mom for a toothbrush which is not in use by anyone in our family. I cleaned my whole CPU using that brush and I even took out the processor fan and cleaned it. (this was my first time I was servicing my CPU.) Seriously! That was frustrating like a hell and time wasting but finally I did it. I assembled my CPU back again after cleaning most of my dust.

What happened next?

I plugged everything back. Wut? Where is all the lag gone? OMG! Yes, That was my expression. I was so happy about my computer being fast again. I did a performance check by opening all possible applications. Lag? NO! I even ran multiple and laggy tabs but it never lagged! That was awesome! I boosted my computer performance back to normal! And that’s the reason why I am writing this article now. Whenever I use to write article, it use to lag my PC alot and now I feel awesome. It saves my time too!

Conclusion of “How I boosted my computer performance”.

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