Here Is Why Being Too Much Happy On Achievements Isn’t Good

Hey there! Today we’re going to cover up an important factor that contributes or create a dispute in your psychological development. Engaging a discussion, or you can say, an article on this topic doesn’t really makes any big difference. Let’s begin

Being Too Much Happy

Have you ever won a lottery? Or have cracked a big contract for your company that brings alot of revenue? Well, Congrats! But wait there.. What are you gonna do with that money? Of course! You would go out for shopping and buy everything you ever wished to have. Or end up paying EMIs that reduces your debt lists.

But did you even had done a deep analysis of what you’re going to do after being happy? I would recommend you to be happy, but not too much that it creates a chaos for after scenario. For like, if you ever won a lottery, or cracked a deal, you must be happy. But much after that, you must control yourself in order to keep the cool.

What Will Happen If I Can’t Control My Excitement?

Nothing much. You have rights to do whatever you want, no one is going to stop you. But like a friendly advice, you shouldn’t be “very” excited. It can sometimes make you do something that isn’t really good. For example, you might end up doing something wrong. Taking myself as an example, I once owned a big achievement(Can’t recall what it was) and the thing that I did was in “excitement conciousness”. I gave away my 7 days pocket money all at once in Mosque charity. I knew that I did something good but seven days? Well, It brought me a couple of tough days after that.

This can be about money,psychologically, physically and alot more than expected. Sometimes it can drop you down so hard that you might think that your temporary happiness was some kind of curse.

So Does This Mean That I Shouldn’t Be Happy, Right?

No, this doesn’t mean you should stop being happy. You should be happy, enjoy, celebrate and do whatever you want. But be in your limit. Going out of limit may often make you do something wrong resulting in unexpected results.

So at the end, just be happy and don’t forget to be calm :).

I know the quality of this article is way too lame than others. But I haven’t been writing for so long so I would need some time to revive my “habit”. Thank you for reading my article 🙂 Oh yea, Thanks Joey for recent email 🙂

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