Why Being Too Much Attached To Someone Can Be Harmful

Once in our life, we encounter someone special, someone, so much special that if they ever walk-out from your life, they can leave a scar behind. How can we tackle this? In today’s topic, we are going to see why being attached too much to someone can be harmful to both of the personal and professional life of yours. So let’s begin!

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Wait? What? What If I love That Person? Is It Bad To Be Attached To Them?

Well, No. It is not bad to be attached to someone. But everything must have its own limits. The same goes to love and attachment for someone. I personally have experienced this. Not just me, but also a few of my old fellows whom I had personal conversations with.

They lost their confidence to be happy again, they went through serious depression and what not! This happened just because they were too attached to them! But was the person they loved had the same attachment and feelings for them? No.

So whenever you decide to be too much attached to someone you love, be careful. Because with every pro(ie happiness), comes con(sadness). So before you go ahead and choose someone as your life partner, make sure you go with a flow not against the flow. Be moderate and wise, this will help you earn more chances to let the story be successful :).

Does This Apply To Lovers Only?

No, straight no. Actually, this must be dedicated to those who had left their friends, in fact, best friends! But as I mentioned in my old article of fighting depression, I would dedicate this to myself(LOL).

Love is not only between girlfriend/boyfriend but also between best friends. To be honest, friendship has its own purity. But hey! Wait there! Not all friendship is meant to be successful.

Imagine you and your best friends are hanging out with each other for months and then suddenly, you fell in love with someone from your school. Who would you prioritize? An old friend or a new love? Mostly, we do a great mistake here to prioritize so-called ‘love’ ones. Now imagine again, what if the one who you love now has no interest in you? What would happen? They would either ignore you, be rude, a sudden change in behavior and what not. Oh yea, its time to cry hard! Hey? You’re a human! You can’t live in a full-solitude! You will need someone’s shoulder to cry on. Now here comes your best friend! No matter what condition you are, no matter how badly you hurt them, they’ll always be with you forever! Having shoulder of a best friend to cry on after a breakup is probably the best feeling one would ever feel!

Don’t get me wrong, but what if, what if your friend, your best friend someday decided to leave you? What will you do? You’ll definitely get hurt! Not a little, but so much that it might impact your whole way of seeing the world.

What To Do If My Best Friend Who I Love Leaves Me And Never Comeback?

We all do love our best friend(s), don’t we? It might be difficult, in fact, it is gonna be so difficult overcoming the aftermath of your best friend abandoning you and never coming back. I’m not an expert and I don’t really have an exact answer for this. I too have gone through this phase but here is what I learned so far, and that’s why I made this blog. To share my experiences with you all(I know no one reads but still, I feel happy writing down :)).

All you would now need is a distraction. You may now feel completely isolated from the world. But it is not exactly what is going on. Also, such tragic events in life can cause serious mental disorders you’d never imagine. So the best thing you can do is to distract yourself. If you can’t, use the pain! Use the pain to earn success and later, be wise and be successful and indirectly make your ex-friends regret leaving you(I know its too harsh but that’s what you can do). Convert your depression into anger and then don’t let your heart take away your success anymore! I even made a video titled ‘How To Stay Motivated In Tough Times‘ regarding how you can use your pain and sorrow to earn success.

And so…

When a best friend whom you loved leaves you, it would be very hard for you. No matter how stable you are, you’ll eventually fall down. Your emotional breakdown would have a negative impact on your life at the beginning.

The best way to recover is to work hard and keep yourself busy. Although there might be many other ways, as per my experience, I’m still recovering by keeping myself busy. Being busy would not only distract you from unexpected sadness and depression but also would keep you up for working towards the development on what you’re busy on. For example, I’m busy writing the blog and writing blog helps me to reduce stress and depression and also would keep me away from unwanted thoughts of my old nightmares.

What Do You Prefer? ‘Just Friendship’ or ‘more than friendship’?

Well, you can go for ‘more than friendship’. Hold on! Not for that girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, but for the ‘BEST’ friendship because best friends are the ones who’d never leave you no matter what happens (unless some unexpected event occurs like another person in between putting conditions). Going for a relationship with your best friend can increase the chances of insecurities like not sharing personal stuff so that they don’t get hurt, being anxious about what would they think and etc. But in friendship, you are free. You won’t even have to think twice before speaking and all you’d get in return is a personal listener who would listen to your problems and would never judge you but instead would suggest you or stay with you in tough times.


I’m not an expert in all this stuff, But whatever I have experienced so far and some extra-logical stuff is what I have implemented in this article. The above ideology can differ from person to person depending on how much they’re attached. Many times when a breakup happens, it can hurt a lot. It doesn’t just apply to one category, ie of girlfriend-boyfriend relationship but also the friendship. Sometimes a close friend leaving us can hurt much more than a breakup because of the best friend is the one who was with you all the time, no matter what happened which doesn’t apply to that boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. So my best advice for you is to be not too much attached to someone, or if you already are, try to do mental exercises to improve your mental abilities to handle stressful environments. I may soon write an article on mental exercise too so subscribe to my blog if you want :).

Once again, I am not an expert on such topics. I wrote this article because I felt something has to be spoken! I know that very few or none are going to read it to the end but still, I wrote it because I encountered such tough even of my best friend leaving me for a girl! Yea, it happens! So yea, I may have made many mistakes in the article.

I’ll help you in recovering. Don’t worry!

If you think that something should be added, removed or edited, email me or comment down in the comment section below! Your comment might not appear suddenly after submission as it needs to be moderated by me. But hey, I’m listening, okay?

I know I should not self-praise myself but yea, I’m a good listener. I’m up to listen about anything, about any problem of yours. No matter who you are, regardless of your color, race, gender or your past. I’m always up! So please never feel sad about anything. To contact me, you can email me at manal@manalshaikh.info or comment down and let me know if you need or about anything because I can read your email(only me. Your email is safe and no one would see) when you comment down. You can even comment down with your opinion and I’ll try to reply to you as soon as possible.

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