Here Is How It Feels To Be An Introvert In An Extroverted World

People usually misunderstood about concept of being an introvert. In this article, we’re going to cover up how does it feel like to be an introvert.

Be An Introvert, What Is It Like To Be?

Before we go ahead, lets first learn what does “Introvert” means? Lets see what has Wikipedia got to say about the word “Introvert”.

Introversion is the state of being predominantly interested in one’s own mental self.[5] Introverts are typically perceived as more reserved or reflective.[6] Some popular psychologists have characterized introverts as people whose energy tends to expand through reflection and dwindle during interaction.[7] This is similar to Jung’s view, although he focused on mental energy rather than physical energy. Few modern conceptions make this distinction.

Basically, Introvert means enjoying your own company without letting other people interfere. Unlike extroverts, Introversion is hard to be achieved. I mean, if you want to be an introvert, you must have a strong will, ability to live without people around you, enjoy things yourself without letting any human interaction struck up in between. But for an extrovert, its difficulty level is the same. 

Getting deep into introversion may seem to be easy than what is it like to be. But once you’re an extrovert, you can be extrovert at any extent within your principles. 

Be An Introvert

Personality Of My Introvert Friend

I have a friend who is an introvert. To be honest, she is the only introvert friend in my life and the first one. Yup, my friend is a “female”. Due to privacy reasons, I cannot mention her name here but sooner or later, I may soon. She calls herself an introvert, thinks like an introvert, she is socially anxious, but she is not a looser. Yup, she is confident to post pictures on Instagram and she is all right to let people comment stuffs on her profile. Damn it, she is more confident than I am, especially being an extrovert. 

She is the only and first introvert friend of me. The thing that fascinated me the most is her generosity. If you don’t know, I don’t usually message anyone first unless its an “emergency”,”critical” or a “must say/confess” situation. She knows about me alot(yes, I am all good to share stuffs with her and I trust her) and still, she messages me first. Unlike others, she never thought of me being “egostic” because I don’t simple message her first. It really makes me feel good. The best part is, she, being an introvert, too share her personality to me too! 

Do you believe that an “introvert” can be your best friend?

Yes, I do believe that. I know many depressed,socially anxious and disabled people who once or still considers me as their best friend and I too never miss the chance. But for me, my personal opinion, yes. An introvert is way better than extrovert in terms of healing, talking, and alot other stuffs(sorry extroverts, I don’t intend to hurt your butts and yea I’m an extrovert too). 

I was once watching some random stuffs on YouTube until I found “Crystal Robello’s video of being an introvert is a good thing“. The video really fascinated me and made me more willing to learn what is it like to be an introvert until I found “my introvert friend”.

Being an introvert is a good thing

Things went well just. Just like everyone do, I was reading comments after the video until this comment really touched me and made me feel like to be an introvert too. If someday the author of that comment reads this post, I would like to thank that person.

Introvert speaks Seldom

For those who wasn’t able to read the pic, “Introverts speak out seldom but when they do they make more sense than a thousand extroverts“. It is right as the way my “introvert” friend talks, she surely speaks seldom but better than thousands of extrovert. 

Benefits of being an introvert?

There are many benefits of being an introvert, some of them are as follows. 

You think before you speak

Unlike extroverts, introverts thinks alot before what they speak. Not anxiously, but maturely, analyzing what is to be said, what it is going to affect the listener, etc. Most of times, extroverts tends to speak alot and they do speak something that shouldn’t have been spoken. 

You enjoy yourself without alot human interaction

If you ever feel alone being an extrovert, just try to figure out how do introverts survive in loneliness? Well, most of time they don’t really feel lonely as they enjoy on their own. They pass their time out by listening to song, drawing, writing, doing exercise, and other stuffs. 


Yes, introverts are tend to be more creative than compared to extroverts. The reason behind this is that you have more time to think about yourself, your future, random stuffs, how do things work and etc. It makes you curious about how do things work which makes them more creative.

There are many pros for being an introvert other than mentioned above. But with every pro, comes a con! 

Cons of being an introvert?

In the world full of extroverts and attention seeking people, introverts are those who may miss out opportunity. For example, if you are in a conference and knows answer of something that is asked by the host, you first analyze up things. Wak! The extrovert stood up and answered it faster than you! Yes, if you were in place of him/her, you’d too had given answer but with more precise manner. You lost this opportunity to impress the host by being second or none to answer up the question. 

If you’re anxiously depressed introvert, you may be afraid of attending such conferences and this will lead to your loss. Like you’re missing out new things and you’ve got nothing to do at home which makes you more depressed and anxious. So its better to stand up and fight for what is right.


But don’t worry, you may have missed this small opportunity. Bigger opportunities are waiting for you. Being an introvert, that makes you more creative, precise and detailed in stuffs will surely get you in a place higher than you could’ve expected. 

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