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Hello, I am Manal Shaikh and I am from India. I am a web designer, Network Administrator, System Administrator and a San Andreas Multiplayer gamer. Since 2013, I have worked on many websites, projects, game servers and so on.

My very first project was Indian Hosting Company when I was twelve. It was a game server hosting company, I use to grab hosting from other providers and gives it to my members. It was a post2host. When the hosting provider was closed, I too closed my company and founded another. The Hostingee International, it was quite successful until I gave up with it in recent days of February and started Shadow Hosting Networks. Now I have got this Shadow Hosting Networks on hault too and working on ShadowCrypt and Shortbytes.

Why do I keep closing and starting new projects frequently?

It all depends on my mood, if I feel like I should open a blog and start blogging, I goto Shortbytes and start writing. If I feel like I should start doing for YouTube, I start Shadow Technology YouTube channel and so on… InshAllah, soon in future I will plan to be constant on a particular project. For now, the very constant project is Billionaire’s Dreams. It’s a Facebook page I am working on which posts motivational quotes on the post.

What is the project I am currently working on?

As you can see, I am writing the article for this “about me” page, so it means I am working on my official website right now. My current active projects are Shortbytes and ShadowCrypt.

What is ShortBytes?

Shortbytes was basically founded on 29th September, 2017 by the aim of blogging and writing articles of hacking news and posting tutorials regarding technical stuffs. It’s not failed yet and I write article on it around every 3-4 days.

What is ShadowCrypt?

ShadowCrypt Screenshot

ShadowCrypt, founded on 15th of April 2018. It is basically a network pentesting tool website. It has got many tools on it, around 8+. The tool includes network analysis, website analysis and so on.. However, I keep updating that ever week or two. The screenshot may look not cool because things are getting over lapped.

I think I shouldn’t write everything here lol. I will update it in future. Thank you for reading and I know, no one visits this page but whosoever does, thanks 🙂

Also, don’t forget to visit my fiverr page to look out for my gigs.

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