Manal Shaikh, another random techy teenager you’d find on Internet with quite a lot of interest in cyber security and digital world. Started back when I was 10, I made my first website on Ucoz as “Manal Galaxy” with their page builder. It was the first time I was so excited to represent my website infront of everyone even tho I did nothing than to just import their pre-made template. 

As time went on, I progressed and here I am. A cyber security analyst, web developer, network administrator, network analyst, blogger, and an entrepreneur. I’m progressing in each field day by day by my hard work. As of today, I’m 17 years old.

My Passion

I started my career as a gamer. Yes, you got it right. I’m not an expert by going to any special classes or by any mode of traditional education. I learned it all on myself and my dedication. I started my career as a GTA San Andreas player and eventually got into multiplayer gaming. As time went, I got into gaming communities which caused ups and downs which led me into the world of cyber security due to dirty politics within communities. As time went on, I learned more and more thing along with some personal lessons I learned when I was at my lowest. 

On the other hand, of my personal life, I learnt a lot during age group of adolescent which brought me down at my lowest and the same is pulling me back up. InshaAllah, I will soon be on top. I would give the credit to the Almighty and everyone who supported me in my toughest time, especially my best friends, Joey, Arham & Anant. Many people came, many left and that’s where I learnt how to keep balance between personal and professional life. Ever since then, I have been working on my intellectual progress and running towards my dream. And as we all know, success isn’t a small thing so to this date, there are many ups and downs I’m facing but I’m happy that I’m learning more from the mistakes I make & I made. 

For me, success is to provide my skills for my client’s satisfaction. As long as my clients are satisfied, I would consider myself to be successful and when there are things to be edited, I learn. My passion is in the digital world of cyber security, networking, computer technology. computer science and few other similar fields. 

My Goals

Like others, my goal is to be successful. But I have my own way to be successful. My goal, my success and my goal is satisfaction and smile on faces I have worked for/with/under me. For example, if you’re my client and have handed me a project. My goal would be to do the best to handle up the project and complete it with full dedication so there wouldn’t be a single chance for you to be disappointed.

Other than that, my goal is to establish a network, helping out people in need of ethical and morale work. As an example, I would work for free for a charity NGO who are trying to launch their website or any other similar network of my help. To know more about freeship, please visit the page.

My goal is the service I would provide to you. The better you find my service to be, the more I feel that I complete my goal. I won’t give up until I figure out the work. So rest is assured 🙂