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Entrepreneur & System administrator

Manal Shaikh

Manal Shaikh is a cyber security analyst & a system administrator. Started working on the Internet since he was 13 years old. Being expert in cyber security and network pentesting, he gained his name in the industry for securing web systems by properly integrating and implementing variety of essential modules to stop most of cyber attack, at, literally, no cost. 

Other than that, he is an intermediate web developer. Till this date, he has made more than 200+ websites on his own ever since he joined the industry. Websites are made, published and later deleted/abandoned due to lack of financial support/interest due to it’s scope.

How may I help you?

As mentioned above, I’m a freelancer too. If you’re interested in hiring me, you can email me. Also, below is the summary of my nature when and how I would work for you.



Consider me a friendly person who'd always be nice to you as long as you're nice. I may not be professional, but my way of working and my work is absolutely professional.


On time delivery

My primary focus is customer's satisfaction. I'm satisfied as long as my client is satisfied with my work. With all due respect, I believe, completing project before/on-time is a great way to satisfy my client based on my work.


Friendly Revision

If you want anything to be edited from my work, you can let me know and I would be glad to to edit it for you for free. I wouldn't stop revising the delivery until it looks perfect from your point of view.

Work With Me

You can know more about me by going through my social media accounts. It’s available for everyone! You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Linkedln, etc. 


"Manal is a pleasure to work with, a true expert at his craft and goes beyond the expectations of this gig! You will not be disappointed by his willingness to go above and beyond to meet your needs of this gig or project."
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