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Yo guys! Welcome to my Official Website! You can find more about me on my website. My work, my profession, where I live, what is my hobby... Everything!

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Who is Manal Shaikh?

I am a cyber security analyst,intermediate Network Analyst,System Administrator,Web Developer and a Technology Enthusiastic.I am 16 years old and I own 3 companies(not corporate lol).ShadowCrypt,Shadow Intelligence Network and ShortBytes.You can find links of those website below!

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Fiverr Freelancer

Yes, I am a freelancer and I have a profile at Fiverr. I currently don't have "so" much reputation because I am new to it. But I can get your work done in just a day! Checkout my Fiverr profile @manalshaikh019.

Ready to Ship

I am active on my computer for about 16 hours a day so you can get your work done at any time!


Yes,I am a blogger. You can checkout my blog section on the website and also checkout website. As of now,I am an active author on 2 websites. One is my official and second is ShortBytes.


Wanna be my friend? Yes, my favourite hobby and to make friends.You can contact me on Facebook if you want to talk to me :).

Websites that I own and manage.

ShadowCrypt.Club ShortBytes.Info
  Billion Dreams

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